Think rich is an investment company that was started by two business friends Alson and Eddison. The basis of the company was on equipping Africans on financial literacy. The team note the lack of financial literacy amongst many people in Africa. It must be emphasized that the current school system is not doing much in equipping financial literacy amongst the African society.

The team stands to encourage savings and investments. As a result of a year of savings Alson and Eddison managed to buy taxis to invest a fleet in the transport cab business. As a way of encouraging savings and investments the team turned this as an investment drive equipping fellow Africans financially. Think Rich also look into fighting high unemployment by creating jobs through the taxi industry.



With Think rich you achieve greater returns by investing in physical assets that yield greater returns.



  • Minimum investment period will be 1 year
  • Execute transaction efficiently and as quickly as possible



  • Appropriate disclosure of investments and audited financial statements for all significant investments
  • Monthly investment reporting