Which funds are available?

Think Rich currently focuses on the following sectors:

  • Transport sector

    What are the benefits of investing in Think Rich Capital Funds?

  • Real asset-backed investment (Provides the opportunity to invest in alternative high growth assets)
  • Low risk
  • Strong return profile
  • Exposure to assets that would not be readily available in the market


  • Think Rich is looking for you to be part of our team and be our affiliate in Africa.
  • As an affiliate, you will be our on-the-ground brand ambassador focusing on a door to door, taxi ranks and community stokvel meetings interactions with the goal to create awareness about our investment product and generate investments referrals for us.
  • You get paid when your referral has invested with us.

    How you earn money

  • You get paid on a commission basis once your referral has successfully signed up and invested with us.
  • You will be able to track your referrals on your profile and see if they have invested and how much. 
  • Your commission will be up to 3% the invested amount.
  • FAQS


    How do I pay funds into my account?
    Once you have registered as a client and your account has been activated, you can invest online by using:

    • Debit card / Eft


    What happens to my contributions?
    Once you have signed up and you have made the payment, your funds will be used to invest in the agreed upon investment.
    Every time you contribute you will receive a receipt to the value of your investment.


    When will I get my money back?
    The investment period/payment profile will be highlighted to you on each investment and the signing of the agreement will be an acceptance of the investment period/payment profiles.


    What fees will I pay?
    A management fee and admin fee of the Investment Amount and must be paid at the end of each month of the annual Investment Period. The management fee will be disclosed to the client in the monthly report. 
    How will I know what is happening with my investment?
    Think Rich will provide the clients with monthly reports during the Investment period indicating:

    • The investment performance during such month


    Is my investment guaranteed?
    Your investment is guaranteed; Think Rich has taken measures to insure the best possible outcome by conducting extensive due diligence on the partner companies that will be used but there is a level risk that you will be taking in this investment.


    What is the expected return?
    The expected rate of return after twelve months is 75% of the initial capital outlay


    Who are the auditors?
    The auditors are Ngubane Auditors


    Are you regulated by the FSB or any other regulatory body?
    We do not provide financial advice nor do we provide investment instruments. We provide a platform allowing investors’ access to assets that would not readily be available on the market. All investment decisions are at the sole discretion of the investor.We are registered as a company, which means the Companies Act governs us, Act no 71 of 2008 of South Africa. We have also appointed auditors and a board of independent directors in order to achieve the best corporate governance practices.


    Can I reinvest all or parts of my money once my investment has matured?
    Yes, once the investment has reached the end of the investment period.


    Can my ownership be transferred or sold to someone else?
    Yes, your investment held can be transferred or sold to anyone subject to a written consent from Think Rich.


    How often do I get paid?
    You’ll receive a pay-out monthly/ optional 12month period.



    Benefits of investment platform


  • Affordable investment thresholds
  • - Investments starting with as little as R1250.


  • Own real assets
  • - Think Rich provides alternative investment assets that move away from traditional virtual (non-real asset) investments, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio


  • Own assets immediately
  • - Invest and take ownership in under 10 min.


  • Passive income
  • - Return payments are made in line with pre-determined investment cycles.


  • Grow your wealth
  • - You have the option to reinvest your capital and returns or cash out.


  • Doing your bit
  • - Invest in your legacy while having a positive social impact on the world from your living room.